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Wendy Warfield & Associates
Premiere Fundraising Results, Unmatched in Northern California!

Located in downtown Sacramento, Wendy Warfield founded Wendy Warfield & Associates in August of 1997. Wendy Warfield & Associates (WWA) provides full service event planning and execution of extraordinary fundraising events. From inception to completion WWA will assist you in organizing and carrying out a fundraising event(s) that is specific to your desire and needs.

With more than 30 cumulative years of political and fundraising experience, Warfield and her Associates offer a wide range of talents and services including, but not limited to; helping you identify an event host; recruiting a host committee; arranging for catering and supplies; providing staff to work the event; acting as a liaison between the campaign and the host; and creating and sending all event invitation and promotion materials. In addition WWA is unyielding in their recruitment and follow-up efforts. WWA will provide call lists and office space for making donor recruitment calls. WWA will also work with your treasurer to gather, cage and report on all the necessary financials. And, when necessary WWA will follow-up directly with the donors on their outstanding commitments.

Wendy Warfield’s commitment, energy and extensive network of statewide contacts make her one of the most sought after political fundraisers in California and WWA’s reputation for success has established it as one of the most preeminent fundraising firms in California.  

  • Fundraising Strategy/Program Development
  • Event Planning
  • Campaign Finance Consulting
  • Donor Recruitment
  • Database Management/Development
  • One-on-one major donor solicitations
  • PAC solicitations

WWA specializes in Political Action Committee (PAC) and district fundraising for Initiatives, Associations, Republican candidates and conservative causes throughout the state.

District – Regional Fundraising

Wendy Warfield & Associates (WWA) provides full service fundraising within a campaign’s district or regional boundaries. WWA will work with the candidate/campaign to design and implement a plan specific to their needs; helping them to set goals that will ensure financial success.

WWA has an extensive donor database and personal working relationship with numerous major donors in Northern California. WWA will introduce candidates to the donor community through one-on-one meetings, small coffee’s, breakfasts and/or luncheons and through specific industry group events (like the agricultural and insurance industries).

Wendy Warfield & Associates will also organize and implement large donor events by securing a host and location; then by helping to put together a host committee who are responsible for recruiting other guests at specific sponsorship levels. WWA will produce and send all invitations and promotional materials for the event; as well as arrange for catering, staff and supplies. WWA will also provide the candidate with targeted call lists to help them in securing sponsors and guests for each event. And, finally WWA will follow-up with donors on their pledges and commitments; tracking, caging and sending thank you letters for each donation received.

PAC Fundraising

Let Wendy Warfield & Associates (WWA) handle your Lobbyist/PAC fundraising. WWA’s PAC database and personal working relationships within the lobbyist community are unmatched in Northern California. We look forward to introducing you to the Third House.

Wendy Warfield, Principal

Wendy Warfield is one of California’s premier fundraising professionals. She founded Wendy Warfield & Associates (WWA) in August of 1997 and in less than 14 years WWA’s reputation for success has established it as one of the most preeminent fundraising firms in Northern California. Located near the capitol in downtown Sacramento, WWA specializes in fundraising for Associations, Republican political candidates and issue campaigns throughout the state. Warfield is best known for her aggressive and persuasive fundraising campaigns. She also has a well-established reputation for the personal and individual attention she offers her clients.

WWA’s current clients include government officials, candidates, initiatives and associations at the local, state and national level, including numerous members of the legislature.

Warfield’s efforts and results often exceed the expectations and financial goals of a campaign. In 2010 WWA raised nearly $6 million for Meg Whitman for Governor – In just the first five months of the campaign WWA raised more than $850,000, exceeding the Whitman campaign finance goal by 142%. WWA also raised nearly $2 million for the Carly Fiorina for U.S. Senate 2010 campaign. And, in the years following Governor Schwarzenegger’s 2003 Recall election WWA raised nearly 28 million dollars for the California Republican party and Governor Schwarzenegger’s campaigns including but not limited to Join Arnold (03), California Recovery Team (04), The Governor’s reelection campaign (06) and California Dream Team (06-08).

During the 2008 election year WWA also raised over 1.5 million for the successful re-districting initiative (Prop. 11). In just five short months she raised $528,000 for Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign. In 2006 she assisted the No on 82/Stop the Reiner initiative in raising over 8 million dollars; and she assisted the No on 89/Clean Money initiative in raising over 6 million dollars.

Prior clients/campaigns include the 2002 California Governors race where WWA raised over 2 million dollars during the general portion of the Bill Simon for Governor campaign with monies coming in primarily from the Central Valley. She raised over half a million dollars in the last month of the campaign at an event with special guest Rudy Giuliani – The most ever raised at a single event in Fresno, CA. And, in the month prior she raised over $1 million dollars at an event in Stockton featuring President George W. Bush.

In 1999-2000 Warfield raised three quarters of a million dollars from California’s Central Valley (Fresno-Bakersfield) for the George W. Bush for President campaign and the California Republican Party. Darrell Issa named Warfield as his Statewide Finance Director for his 1998 United States Senate campaign. She managed eight finance consultants and recruited 8,000 new donors for Darrell Issa during the course of the campaign. During 1998 Warfield also served as Finance Consultant for the Assembly Republican Leadership Fund.

She served as an Assembly Republican Consultant for Speaker Curt Pringle and as Finance Consultant for the Assembly Republican Victory Fund in 1996. In 1994 Warfield became Statewide Finance Director for McClintock for State Controller, where she raised $1.3 million.

In 1993 as Deputy Finance Director for “Yes on 174” – the School Choice Initiative, Warfield raised $2.4 million. In 1992 she served as Major Donor Finance Coordinator for the California Republican Party and in 1991 she served as Director of Governmental Relations and Special Events for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

Warfield graduated from the University of Southern California in 1986 with a double major of International Relations and Political Science.

Wendy Warfield and her husband Dan Gilfry reside in Gold River, CA with their children Grace and Matthew.